Canon 5D Mark 2

First up, I am still alive, and I am sort of back. 2010 has been a year of change and one of the major change was me jumping from Nikon to Canon. I secretly deliberated the switch for close to a month but the switch was swift and surprisingly, not that painful.

Guess I am not that sentimental to Nikon after all.

In case you are wondering, I switched to Canon because it has a strong lens line-up, fullframe with 21MP and skin tones that I have grown to appreciate. Not only that, I am also working with Canon shooters regularly so it made sense to at least get a color profile that is similar.

Some things I miss about the Nikon is the solid body, cheaper AF-D lenses, and fast and accurate AF. Canon has better solve the AF problems that the Mark 2 is having. Oh, and the myth that Canon lenses are cheaper, totally not true!

Nicholas Leong Photography

2010 also marked the end of “Through Our Eyes Photography” and I am glad that Tim roped me in to start. If not, I would not have discovered my passion and interest in wedding photography. Towards the end of 2010, a new brand was launched and well, no prizes for guessing the name, Nicholas Leong Photography.

You can visit the new site by going to http://nicholasleong.net/portfolio or click on Wedding Portfolio on this site. Hopefully, this means I will be back blogging regularly.

8 thoughts on “A Year of Change

  1. Hey Nick…just sharing some background story that i know of (I am not sure if it is 100% accurate but i believe it’s close to the true fact on these lenses). Canon lenses will always be more ex than Nikon…esp the “red ring” L family lenses. Why? every single bit of the materials used to produce the lens (yes, including the plastics they used to mold the lens hood) are from Japan, except for the dust bag of course (most of them are from China). For Nikon, they have a huge network of supply chain to source for materials practically from everywhere in the world but they still build equally good quality lens in Japan. With materials coming from places as near as Malaysia, China, Thailand to even as far as Finland and the US, they are more cost competitive in producing an equally good lens in Japan. I didn’t get this fact from WikiLeaks. I heard this from the horses mouth, yes…some “doctor” that design and build lens for Nikon.

  2. @Adam hahah yeah, luckily. which means I can easily ditch canon too :P

    @Alvin Sounds believable. But the perception is definitely cheaper to own a Canon system. Guess they are looking at the range of EF-S lenses rather than the L range.

  3. You and i both know this for sure…EF-S is plain junk. It’s a toy gun. L is definitely the real thing. It just made you feel like carrying a weapon, ready to shoot at any time.

  4. MUAHAHAHA!!! Welcome to the Canon family! :D

    Anyway, who told you before Canon lenses cheaper? I’ve only heard of people telling me the opposite thing. Haha. But great to see you’re blogging again.

    p/s: I want my weekly dose of Monday Movie Reviews! :P

  5. @Alvin Well I haven’t really used an EF-S lens before :P

    @Vincent Hahaha thanks :D lol you got your wish.. :P

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