Monday Movie Review is back! Not that many people read this, but it is back. Let’s start off slow with only one movie this week and it is none other than Sanctum! By the guy who brought us the blue people (Avatar, not Smurfs), James Cameron, this should be good right?


The movie has a predictable plot. After all, how can it not be when you have such characters? A father and son with a strained relationship, a billionaire adrenaline junkie bringing a girlfriend with an attitude and some of the supporting cast that you know will die the moment they start their script.

But predictability is not that bad because the venue of the plot is quite different from the rest. A movie about caving is not mainstream so this is a good movie to show people about caves and how little we know about them. I just read a National Geographic article on a humongous cave so I found the movie quite enjoyable.

The 3D element of it was also gorgeous at first but then after that, it grew boring. Because well, caves are either rock or water. Not much there go “ooh ahh” about.

Overall, I would say go watch it if you have nothing else to watch. If you have something better to do, you can give this a skip.

4 thoughts on “Monday Movie Review: Goodbye Caving!

  1. I’m getting mix review of this mvoie. some said it sucked all the way. some told me it was actually very good. =.=

  2. @geNe haha well, unless the movie is really, really horrible, you will always get different reviews. Movies are very subjective :)

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