Singapore Zoo

It was not really a new addition to the animal family in Singapore Zoo, but I managed to loan a 300mm f2.8 for my Singapore Zoo visit. And my oh my, it is a beast to master but so much to love about the lens.

It was the first time I took such a huge lens to the zoo, and it didn’t help that my monopod’s head is no longer working. That could only mean one thing, I had to handhold the lens throughout my visit. And it was heavy!

Singapore Zoo

This is not the first time I took a 300mm to the zoo, but the Nikkor version I had last time was significantly smaller. Way smaller. The Canon version I brought definitely got some attention as people seem to make way for me when I wanted to shoot. I could get used to that :)

Singapore Zoo

The reach that it gave me, the bokeh, and the spot on focus was a dream to me. If I thought f4 was good last time, f2.8 totally blew me away. One thing I love about long tele lens at the zoo is the amount of details I can capture. I am sure that if I had my monopod, I would have enjoyed it more.

At least I wouldn’t have gotten tired after 30 minutes of carrying it around.

Singapore Zoo

But 300mm may seem a bit too long at times, particularly in a zoo, because well, some things are brought closer to you when you are in a zoo.

I had another beast to master, this time a smaller one. One of the cheapest and fastest L lens money can buy, the 135mm f2. I don’t think I regret spending a single cent on this lens.

Singapore Zoo

Many talk about the 85mm f1.2 but I think a lot of people underestimate the beauty of the 135mm. It is a focal length that is quite weird to many, and probably that is why it is not so popular. But if you are looking to buy a mid-tele, fast, sharp, beautiful bokeh L lens, you won’t go wrong with the 135mm.

As you can see, there are no fierce beasts in this post (the meerkat doesn’t count), so where are the lions and tigers? Well, no tigers this time around, but the lions are coming up next.

12 thoughts on “A New Beast @ Singapore Zoo

  1. @jfook they are rather proud of their orang utans :) Their old mascot was Ah Meng, quite a national icon. Thanks, glad you liked the pic :)

  2. Not bad of the old 300mm lens, at least I know it can still get the bokeh…..(hope is that lens….:)

  3. @The Photoblogger They always had meerkats :D Sandwiched between the cheetah and the lion :P

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