127 Hours

Sharon and I sometimes have very different taste in movies. For example, she was bored to death by 500 Days of Summer and I thought it was great. 127 Hours belongs to this category, where we will both pretty much agree to disagree.

127 Hours is pretty much all James Franco. You get a glimpse of other actors and actresses but you will be seeing him for the majority of the movie. Why? It is about him being stuck in a canyon and his determination to get out of there.

So yes, if the above description sounds boring to you, give this movie a skip. If you curious, then go watch the movie. It is not like he only talked to the camera all the time (but most), there was a gory scene, a very disgusting scene which I thought would have been more disgusting in 3D, and some pretty cool stuff.

Thankfully, James managed to carry his role extremely well and I think he definitely deserved to be nominated for an Oscars for Best Actor. He carried a range of different emotions, and successfully conveyed the determination and helplessness when it mattered most.

But the best part of the movie is the strong message it delivered. That one should never give up. And the message came pretty much at the right time for me.

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  1. @The Photodiarist It was pretty graphic! But quite an amazing movie. I think I must go watch more of these solo stuff, like Buried

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