I was there on assignment, assisting Steph Tan to capture the moments for Moin’s and Tanzila’s wedding. I was going to be in Bangladesh for a week and these images are not the wedding images but what I saw when we were having some free time.

Let’s start off with Day 0, the touchdown day. We arrived in Dhaka, checked in, got some rest, and went to check out the venue of our first day shoot, Saffron. They were preparing for another wedding then, but the owner was very welcoming. He even let us take as many pictures as we wanted to. The venue was gorgeous!


After returning to the hotel for dinner, we were whisked away by the groom’s party to a party somewhere in the middle of the town. We were pretty much zonked out now, as there was a 2 hour difference in time. At 10pm in Dhaka, our body was already in midnight mode.

But it was interesting to see that a party at the dance club had kids and adults mingling together. One thing that absolutely amazes me is the close relationship the entire family has with each other. They were absolutely rocking the venue!

With the lights off and the laser lights on, all I could do was just randomly try to capture some of the atmosphere.


After a good rest and breakfast, we had half a day free to roam around the streets of Dhaka. We decided that we wanted to visit some fort and it was apparently quite far, although we were told otherwise.

Couldn’t get a normal cab, so we decided to try the CNG green cabs, which is basically like tuk-tuk, with a cage. If you have heart condition, avoid them. We had close to 20 near death experiences! It was like one major rollercoaster ride except our lives depended on it. As you can see from the image above, it is just another day for our driver above.

Traffic in Dhaka is really something else. I swear I appreciate KL traffic more now :P


Since this is the first time I was in Dhaka, I try to absorbed as much as I could. I used to not like photographing people but they are now pretty much one of my favourite subjects. And they make a big part of what I see.


And also, Dhaka is filled with rickshaws! Steph wanted to try them, and we did. That is another experience to talk about. I think Day 4 or Day 5 or somewhere around there. It was a great start to the Dhaka adventure!

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  1. @Nava Thanks :) Will definitely be posting more soon :)

    @Mark LOL! Yeah, can’t wait to see what you shot. Still regretting that I didn’t bring my camera out that Friday. Sigh!

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