A wedding in Dhaka is a multi-day affair with a lot of guests and relatives attending the different events. It also means that breakfast, lunch and dinner is readily available. The couple, our hosts, were very gracious in providing us all three meals and our hotel is only a short walk to the bride’s house.

That means we get served awesome food daily and on Day 3, I ate one of the best potato curry ever. I still dream about it… :P


With such a huge event, the supporting cast is very important. And I spent some time at the bride’s house in Day 3 just photographing a few of the workers preparing for the big day. The above is the guy who is helping out with the cooking duties. You can see him making some “roti canai” for the guests and I wonder if he cooked the delicious potato curry as well :D


Then this guy was eyeing me when I was photographing the other dude so I thought I’ll give him a shot as well. And he was quite happy to pose for me while I did so. I quickly took a few shots as I didn’t want him to stare at the camera and end up slicing his finger off.


After breakfast, I went downstairs and saw this guy fixing up the outdoor area for the mehndi session later that night. These guys are really amazing! They are efficient and when night came, the whole house was transformed! I am not sure if we have such efficient workers here. They will probably go tea every other hour and ask for 2 days to set something up.

And that was Day 3, and it is already the weekend. Day 4 will come next week so watch out for it :)

4 thoughts on “My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 3

  1. @Nava That I did :) I think it is a beautiful country that once it gets a few things right, it can attract the tourists

  2. @Mark Eh I thought you were pretty semangat when I met you hahaha but you got the shot of them praying on the street! Sigh. Regret regret now hahaha

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