Back to my Dhaka adventure, we are now into Day 4! And I took a huge amount of pictures because we had a bit more time to go around. One of my greatest lasting impression of Dhaka is the awesome mutton briyani. I have never tasted one better than the one I had in Dhaka!

I think about it now and I am drooling…


After that heavy breakfast (yes, that was breakfast), it was time to head over to scout one of the shortlisted post-wedding portrait session venue. It was located at the highest floor of the Westin Hotel and you can see the top view of Dhaka city from there. Of course, they told us that we were not allowed to take photos when we were there to visit, but ermm… you are not stopping us from secretly snapping a few! :P


Back to the streets and we met one of the friendliest hotel staff I know. He was also really tall, and was a great sport in letting us grab a shot of him. I now dub him the icon of Westin Dhaka!


But Dhaka is still a developing city. And just like every developing city, the wealth or fortune would not have filtered down entirely to its population. It is always a dilemma when you encounter someone begging for their livelihood. Do you give, and help them for a day, or do you not give, hoping that they will find a more sustainable income source?

I have always chosen the latter, but I am not sure if it is the right decision.


And in poverty, one sees resilience. Here you see kids outgrowing their childhood faster than before because the situation demands it. The kid above has no choice but to take care of an adult. That is just the way of life. Will he have time to go running around with his friends, laughing without a care in the world?

Probably deep down he wishes he can do so, but for now, he will shoulder on the responsibilities expected of him.

More of Day 4 to come soon.

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