Dhaka - Bangladesh

I cannot believe that I have left this blog alone for so long, but it is time for me to resume posting again :) I hope someone out there is still reading the blog. The last I blog, I was talking about my Dhaka trip and it was Part 1 of my adventure in Day 4. Let’s go with Part 2!

Steph wanted to ride in the trishaw and we finally got to do it on Day 4. Since I was on the larger side, I got to sit on my own trishaw while Steph and Raffi sat the other one.

Dhaka - Bangladesh

It was quite an interesting ride although it was probably once, and never again sort of ride. It was probably due to the traffic in Dhaka more than anything else, and I would still recommend it to anyone to try it at least once.

As your driver weave in and out of traffic, and you have your tenth near death experience, you will be able to treasure any traffic you find at home :P

Dhaka - Bangladesh

The other reason I would recommend anyone to try it once is the sights you can see while on the trishaw. It is an interesting way to see the streets and people of Dhaka. It was also quite a sight to see men in suits riding on the trishaws. Too bad I couldn’t get a picture of it :)

Luckily the weather was cooling so that made it easier for us. And that’s that for Day 4. Next up, and it won’t take months this time, Day 5!

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  1. @Nava That is so true :) If only I can find more time to do so haha

    @Wai Loon Thanks :D

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