Dhaka, Bangladesh

One of the things that impressed me in Dhaka is that people are generally friendly. They will smile at you, strike you a random pose or just talk to you. And when they find out I was from Malaysia, they had even more things to say! Some will tell me about their experience working in Malaysia while others express their hopes to visit Malaysia one day.

The old man above is one my favourite shots from the entire trip. All I did was just point my camera at him, and he gave me a lil smile to with the shot.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

While in some countries and even in Malaysia, where you get chased away for taking a shot if you don’t give them business, the people in Dhaka didn’t really seem to have that requirement. While visiting one of the temples in Dhaka, I saw these trishaw riders waiting for customers and I raised my camera.

They just looked at me, and the other guy moved into position so I can get a better shot. Such awesome people :)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Then we visited Lalbargh Fort, a local hangout dating spot and a tourist attraction. And while we were waiting for our guide to purchase the tickets, we were snapping away when a group of young guys cycled past us. When we raised our cameras at them, they gave us all a great big pose :)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

While the others were looking at the architecture of the area, I was attracted to something else. Cricket is a huge deal in Dhaka and possibly the entire Bangladesh. They were also due to host the World Cup then, and the cricket fever was high! I was busy sniping away at these kids playing cricket.

One more part to Day 6 and then we will conclude the series with Day 7! Have a great weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 6 Pt 2

  1. Dang, I think I need to go back to Bangladesh and get more photos again. Didn’t really take that many photos while I was there :P

  2. @Mark I am sure you will get a chance to. Wedding season there should be coming up again haha

  3. @Thristhan Thanks :) It is not naturally straight out of camera of course. I post process quite a bit for my pics to get it to a color tone I like :)

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