Dhaka, Bangladesh

I must apologise once again for neglecting this blog. Not that I don’t have any content, I haven’t even finished blogging about Bangladesh which happened all the way back in January! One thing for sure, I was jolted by the fact that I have not blogged in a long time when a friend shared my blog link on his Facebook.

So, let’s try to finish Bangladesh before I go on to other stuff which includes my trip to Australia! Oh my, is that gonna be a super epic multi-parter right there… Back to Dhaka, Day 6 was pretty much a city tour of Dhaka and we ended up in another temple or was it a mosque?

Right outside, there were many “merchants” trying to sell their wares and unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in most of them. They did make good pictures though as evident from the man sitting in his street shop above.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

As we started our walk into the mosque (ah yes, I remember it was a mosque now), we walked past some children playing nearby. I gave them a smile and before I could aim my camera at them playing, they ran straight to me and started saying “money, money, money!”. I didn’t give them any but right there I knew how hard their lives might be.

I didn’t raise my camera but just sniped a photo of them looking real sad at me when they realised I wasn’t going to give them any. Trust me, kids, it is for your own good! I don’t want you to think that begging will get you stuff in life.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

After we were done looking at the mosque, we headed out and was preparing to leave when I saw this guy smoking. I thought he made for quite an interesting portrait. As I’ve said in my previous post, I was going to try “permission-based shooting” so I asked for permission. He didn’t ask for money, he just smiled and said yes. And I shot him puffing away.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

And the final shot of Day 6 came when I was walking to the van and this kid zoomed past me. He looked like he was chasing his own shadow. That was quite cute :)

And Day 6 ends! Tomorrow is Day 7 and it will finally conclude my Big Dhaka Adventure! :)

2 thoughts on “My Big Dhaka Adventure Day 6: Pt 3

  1. Hi Buddy…..all are very nice….when did you get the chance to capture these beautiful stuffs from your super hectic schedule ;)

    Hope you guys come to Dhaka again sometime soon!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. @Moin Hey, we’ve got enough rest in between and chance to see Dhaka :) I hope to go back there again too.

    Still can’t find a mutton briyani as good as the ones I had in Dhaka :P

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