My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 7

Dhaka, Bangladesh

This is going to be a real quick and short post to mark the final day I spent in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was an amazing seven days in the country that I not only experienced a wedding in Bangladesh but I got to experience the sights and sounds of the city as well.

Not to forget the awesome mutton briyani which I still can remember fondly. I spent the final day resting in the hotel before our check-out and then some time in the airport, chatting with Steph Tan and finally moving in to the departure lounge and got the picture above.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I got a window seat and I whipped out my camera when I saw the beautiful scene unfolding right outside the window, couple of thousands feet in the air. That is why I love sitting by the window in the plane. Not only do you get a place to lean your head on when you sleep, you also get amazing views.

So, that is my great big adventure in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Will I return? I believe I will. I still have other parts of Bangladesh to explore, and who knows, maybe more weddings to shoot. :)

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