Nathaniel Leong

It has been a while since I last blogged. A long, long while indeed but it has been busy. Not only in terms of getting my other portfolio (the wedding stuff) up and running properly, work has been quite crazy and not to mention, my upgrade. That is right, I am now a father.

And what an experience it is.

Nathaniel Leong

Lost of sleep, constant worry about whether you are doing things right, making sure he is alright, one wonders why did I sign up to be a father? But the joy of seeing his smile, hearing his voice, holding his little fingers, and carrying him (although it can get tiring after a while :P) in my arms, that feeling is beyond words.

It is an awesome experience and one that I feel every guy in this world should go through.

Nathaniel Leong

I am not the perfect father, or the perfect husband or the smartest person in the world. But there are at least two things that I did right in my life.

Marrying my wife, and raising our son together. Oh say hello to Nathaniel Leong :)

4 thoughts on “Upgraded! Fatherhood!

  1. Congratulations Nick, welcome to my world about 14 years ago back when an high end yet affordable digital camera meant Kodak DC-265 1.6 Megapixel but Compact Flash 512MB was so costly I ended up taking big chunk of my kids growing photos at such reduced resolution they wouldn’t even print properly at 3R. Today you can photograph your kids at insane MP!

    Enjoy parenthood, parenting and say goodbye to everything else LOL

  2. @The Photoblogger thanks :) Same to you! Prosperous year part, not the father part :P

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