I cannot believe that the last time I updated this blog was two years ago when I announced that I was a proud father. Two years down the road and I thought talking about my son was the best way to reboot the blog.

I cannot believe how fast the little man has grown. It is true what they say that the years will fly by in the blink of an eye.


While I don’t believe that I know everything about parenting, but the past two years have given me invaluable lessons. I am super glad that he has turned out to be a bright and happy kid and much of that is due to the love and attention my wife gives to him.

Of course being the sole income generator in the home was never going to be easy, and we have had our challenges but having my wife spend all her time taking care of him certainly has more ups than downs.


Our parenting philosophy has been based on what we have learnt from the very best, our own parents. Of course, my wife spends a great deal of time online looking for things for him to do and new things for him to explore. This little boy has an iPad, an electronic device that many have claimed that children his age should never be allowed to touch.

Honestly, I think those worries are overrated and moderation is key. I’ve seen nightmare stories about kids not knowing how to flip a book, disinterest in physical activities and also the dreaded ‘iPad withdrawal’ syndrome. Thankfully, my boy has not displayed any of the above.


He loves to read. He loves to run and jump. And he probably only needs his iPad whenever he needs to sit down and do stuff that he doesn’t like to do.. which is eating. Other than that, he will run to his normal toys and books. Or just generally run about and jump around like any other kid.

This is probably because the iPad is never the only thing he is exposed to. He goes to gym, he goes to music lessons and he goes to swim class.

Considering that I have not updated for such a long time, I have tons of content to talk about. I have photos from my trips and also more Nate stories to share. So here is hoping that this blog gets a proper restart this time around.

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