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My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 7

This is going to be a real quick and short post to mark the final day I spent in Dhaka,… Continue reading »


My Big Dhaka Adventure Day 6: Pt 3

I must apologise once again for neglecting this blog. Not that I don’t have any content, I haven’t even finished… Continue reading »


My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 6 Pt 2

One of the things that impressed me in Dhaka is that people are generally friendly. They will smile at you,… Continue reading »


My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 6 Pt 1

If you are wondering what happened to Day 5, it was a full editing day for us as we needed… Continue reading »

My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 4 Part 2

I cannot believe that I have left this blog alone for so long, but it is time for me to… Continue reading »

My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 4 Pt 1

Back to my Dhaka adventure, we are now into Day 4! And I took a huge amount of pictures because… Continue reading »

A Different Lion King Experience

Missed the Monday Movie Review yesterday because, well, I didn’t watch a movie during weekend. Instead, I caught Lion King… Continue reading »

My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 3

A wedding in Dhaka is a multi-day affair with a lot of guests and relatives attending the different events. It… Continue reading »

My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 2

Day 2 and it was time to explore more of Dhaka. This time around, we were walking to meet up… Continue reading »

My Big Dhaka Adventure: Day 0 & Day 1

I was there on assignment, assisting Steph Tan to capture the moments for Moin’s and Tanzila’s wedding. I was going… Continue reading »

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…

Well, I can’t have postings on Singapore Zoo without featuring the big cats right? After all, they are very well… Continue reading »

A New Beast @ Singapore Zoo

It was not really a new addition to the animal family in Singapore Zoo, but I managed to loan a… Continue reading »

Gerry’s Grill @ SM City Cebu, Philippines

After the wedding, after the island hopping, it was decided that we need to make one last stop at Gerry’s… Continue reading »

The Place Where My Wedding Was Held

The first time Sharon and I went to Cebu, we stayed at Hilton and that was a great hotel. But… Continue reading »

My Return to Cebu

Last year I went to Cebu and enjoyed myself there so much that I decided to hold my wedding there…. Continue reading »

It Wasn’t A Bad Day After All

In my previous post, I mentioned that it has been a long time since I went to the zoo. And… Continue reading »

A Tiger Cub Surprise

After looking through and posting my “contained wildlife” images on Facebook, I suddenly had this urge to go to the… Continue reading »

Just One For Today…

Was on MC yesterday so today is turning out to be a rather busy day for me here in the… Continue reading »

Refreshed @ Holiday Inn Melaka

I was given the opportunity to spend one night at Holiday Inn Melaka over the weekend and it was quite… Continue reading »

My New Obsession in Singapore – Marina Sands

Looks like my latest obsession in Singapore is not the zoo or the bird park but Marina Sands! During my… Continue reading »

The Quite Awesome Marina Sands

During my visit to Singapore last weekend, it was rare that I did not visit the zoo or the bird… Continue reading »

Random Shots @ Genting

While yesterday’s post was all birds, I still remembered that there were other stuff to shoot in Genting. So here… Continue reading »

I Found Birds At Genting Theme Park!

I went to Genting on Saturday with a bunch of photographers (a really talented bunch!) and they had this idea… Continue reading »

The Proboscis Series

One of the more interesting primate that you can see in the Singapore Zoo is the Proboscis Monkey. Being an… Continue reading »

Furry and Friendly (Sort Of)

They are kinda furry, and they are kinda friendly. I never stepped into their enclosure so I don’t know if… Continue reading »

The Meows Meows of Singapore Zoo

I try not to neglect the cats of the Singapore Zoo when I am there. After all, where else would… Continue reading »

The Return To Singapore Zoo

It has been a while and I have been shooting a lot of portraits and weddings (well, one wedding) but… Continue reading »

There’s More Than Crocs

I know the title says there is more than crocs but I will start off with a croc picture. Couldn’t… Continue reading »

Snap Snap at Jong Crocodile Farm

During my recent trip to Kuching with Sharon to finalise the legal stuff needed for our wedding, I forced her… Continue reading »

I am still alive!

Just a simple shot to say that I am still alive. The blog is not dead, but it has been… Continue reading »

Wrapping Up the Taiping Zoo Series

After taking a break from the animal shots yesterday, I thought I’ll finally wrap up the Taiping Zoo series as… Continue reading »

The Taiping Zoo Stars

Undoubtedly the stars of Taiping Zoos are the tigers. These beasts live in a pretty large enclosure with a huge… Continue reading »

The Feathered Kind

I know some of you might be getting bored with the third posts on animal shots but I really do… Continue reading »

Sleepy Residents

It is true that many zoo animals appear lethargic, tired and well, no enthusiasm for about anything that is happening…. Continue reading »

Monkeying Around…

Recently, I took an almost 3 hour drive up north to Taiping just to see what the Taiping Zoo is… Continue reading »

Singapore Zoo on Film

You know I shifted from film back to digital but of course, it is a must that I at least… Continue reading »

A Second Go At Thean Hou Temple

The last time I was at Thean Hou Temple, they didn’t turn on the lights. So, yesterday, after a bit… Continue reading »

A Little Something For CNY Mood

I never visited Thean Hou Temple before Chinese New Year and since I saw an article about more lanterns this… Continue reading »

Visiting The Tribes In Chiang Mai

One of the must-visits when you go to Chiang Mai is apparently to see the Karen Tribe or “Long Neck”… Continue reading »

Food! – Magenta Restaurant, Kuching

During my trip to Kuching last weekend, Sharon brought me to a pretty popular restaurant in Kuching. It is not… Continue reading »

A Snake-y Experience

Another touristy stop but this is surprisingly a trip where I enjoyed all the touristy stops! The snake show is… Continue reading »

Hot Spring in Chiang Mai

On the way to the White Temple, there is a popular tourist stop that is a hot spring. And while… Continue reading »

The White Temple of Chiang Mai

White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), located at Ban Rong Khun, Tambon Pa O Don Chai, along Phahonyothin roadside at Km…. Continue reading »

Random Shots At Shangri-la Chiang Mai

My last trip to Chiang Mai was one of quite luxurious standards. Being a company trip, we were pretty much… Continue reading »

Surprised I Enjoyed An Elephant Show…

This is another suprising trip for me as I never thought I would enjoy something like an elephant camp because… Continue reading »

Tuesday Terrible Photo: Kantoke Palace in Chiang Mai

The thing with going with a tour group is that you are most likely to hit all the tourist spots…. Continue reading »

Tuesday Terrible Photo: Up Doi Suthep

The Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is one of the famous temples in Chiang Mai. It is located 15km away from… Continue reading »

Tuesday Terrible Photo: My First B&W in Chiang Mai

I went to Chiang Mai for a holiday and this trip, I was even more excited. It was going to… Continue reading »

Nalusuan the Marine Sanctuary

From Olango the wildlife and bird sanctuary, the boat took us to another sanctuary, this time the marine sanctuary or… Continue reading »

See the Birds at Olango!

Welcome to Olango Island – the home to a lot of migratory birds during the month of October. Except that… Continue reading »

Go on a Mini Cruise

While Hilton was an excellent hotel, a man-made beach is still a man-made beach. And it is no fun snorkeling… Continue reading »

I bid farewell to Bohol!

As I bid farewell to Bohol in the evening, I sat in the van heading to the pier a very… Continue reading »

Down the Loboc River…

One of the many things that people say you must do in Bohol includes a river cruise on top a… Continue reading »

The Star of Bohol

Last week, I said I’ll share the ultimate reason why one should visit Bohol. The above picture is the answer…. Continue reading »

Food Friday: Kan-anan ni Kuya J @ Cebu, Philippines

When I was in Cebu, Brian and his wife took me and Sharon to the most amazing restaurant ever. It… Continue reading »

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

While I was in Cebu, I decided to take a day trip to Bohol as there was two things I… Continue reading »

Staying in the Pink Hotel

I went to Cebu recently to check out my possible wedding destination. This is going to be the place I… Continue reading »

More From Sekinchan…

Other than focusing on the paddy fields and blue sky, there are a lot more photographic opportunities in Sekinchan. People,… Continue reading »

My First Trip to Sekinchan – The Rice Bowl of Malaysia

On Sunday, I joined an outing organised by ShutterAsia to Sekinchan, the rice bowl of Malaysia. This is my first… Continue reading »

Random stuff you can shoot in Melaka…

On to the final part of the Melaka series, I must say that it is a colourful town with lots… Continue reading »

A Jonker Day…

Pretty much everyone who goes to Melaka will visit Jonker street, so it is no surprise that our Day 2… Continue reading »

A night out in Melaka…

About two weekends ago, I went to Melaka with a group of photographers from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. It was a… Continue reading »

Taiwan! – More Food to Nom Nom Nom!

During my last 3d/2n stay in Taiwan, it was a lot of walking but also a lot of eating. Which… Continue reading »

Taiwan! – The Three Absolute Must Haves

Back to Taiwan we go and this time we will talk about food. And one drink. Taipei is surprisingly filled… Continue reading »

Shooting People…

I had a fun time shooting people when I first started photography. And I had people shots when I was… Continue reading »

Splashy Fun Time at the Zoo

I seldom photograph people. That is pretty much a known fact among those who actually follows me to shoots. I… Continue reading »

Out of the Car in Bali…

Earlier this year, I went to Bali and it was a good trip. Thanks to Sharon’s relative’s friend, we were… Continue reading »

Catching them flying birds…

During my last trip to Singapore, I met up with Vincent as well as Daze and his friend for a… Continue reading »

A trip down Chinese Garden

Being a tourist in Singapore, even though I go there nearly every month, I find myself looking at new places… Continue reading »

Taiwan! – Visiting Longshan Temple

As you can see, my blog updates are rarely in chronological order. I visited Taiwan a long long time back…. Continue reading »

A Hazy Day in Kuching…

I was there again last weekend for the final week of the pre-marriage course. And what greeted me when I… Continue reading »

Cameron Highlands! – The Flowers

Well, looks like we go back to Cameron Highlands. With me editing pictures according to mood, looks like I will… Continue reading »

Yet Another Singapore Zoo Post!

Yes, it is another Singapore Zoo post. At the rate that I visit the zoo, I think I might as… Continue reading »

I am proud of my failures…

Photography is a learning process. You learn to do new things almost everytime you go out to shoot something. And… Continue reading »

An IR Experiment in Kuching

I was in Kuching over the weekend, preparing for my marriage by attending a pre-marriage course at the St Joseph… Continue reading »

Cameron Highlands – Getting thorny at Cactus Farm

One would expect the Cactus Farm to be filled with cactus and nothing else, but there is more than meets… Continue reading »

An evening in Singapore…

From the dramatic morning sunrise at East Coast Park, the evening shots were certainly the total opposite. I went to… Continue reading »

Nature’s reward in the morning…

Surprisingly, nature will reward you with some real gems if you are patient. Waking up early to watch a sunrise… Continue reading »

My first time…

Well, it is my first time. Not for a sunrise, not for sex (get your mind out of the gutter!)… Continue reading »

Cameron Highlands! – Travelling back in time…

There is a little gem in Cameron Highlands and it is one great place to go with your family especially… Continue reading »

Picking strawberries…

One of the many activities that you can do in Cameron Highlands is picking strawberries. Not just eat them, but… Continue reading »

Haze free Cameron Highlands

What is the one good thing about visiting Cameron Highlands? Haze free! After all the smoke and smog in the… Continue reading »

I could wake up to this every morning…

I stayed at Casa de la Rosa in Cameron Highlands and rented one of their four penthouse suites. There is… Continue reading »

Forgotten shots of Singapore Zoo

A while back, I went to Singapore Zoo and I posted a series of shots on the zoo. Looking back… Continue reading »

Taiwan! – Let’s go to the zoo

When I was in Taipei, I found out they have a zoo. So, I dragged Sharon to the zoo (not… Continue reading »

Taiwan! – Have a taste of Hello Kitty

You may not be a fan of Hello Kitty. But if you travel to Taipei, well this is certainly one… Continue reading »

Sneak Peek of Taipei!

So, I was back from Taipei the week before but I got lazy to update my blog. Thought it was… Continue reading »

My Typical Shots of Kek Lok Si

I’ve always tried to take shots which I think is different from the other shots especially at well-visited places such… Continue reading »

Lurking Around Suntec Singapore

I was early for an event in Suntec recently and it was quite empty. So I had fun going around… Continue reading »

Remembering Singapore Flyer…

The Singapore Flyer. An attraction in my neighboring country that holds a special place in my heart. Not because it… Continue reading »

Scones & Frogs @ David Brown’s Restaurant, Penang

On top of Bukit Bendera in Penang is a nice lil cozy place for good food, David Brown’s Restaurant. This… Continue reading »

My Best Travel Shots… So Far

I don’t travel that much and even less after I picked up photography. But I definitely love to travel. Those… Continue reading »

A Look Back at Putrajaya…

It has been a while since I went to Putrajaya to take any pictures but going through my archives, I… Continue reading »

Of Big and Small at Singapore Zoo

At the zoo, you can see the biggest, to one of the biggest, to the tallest to possibly the smallest…. Continue reading »

Monkeying Around at Singapore Zoo

Still at the Singapore Zoo, this time around we move from cats to monkeys. They are the species closest to… Continue reading »

The Big Cats of Singapore Zoo

One thing about visiting the Singapore Zoo is that you will be constantly amazed how well maintained the whole place… Continue reading »

A Look At Our Feathered Friends

Before I sign off for the weekend, let’s enjoy some shots of our feathered friends. While the Singapore Zoo does… Continue reading »

Of Snakes & Temples

Well, there are snakes but not temples. Just one temple. And it is none other than the Snake Temple in… Continue reading »

My camera can’t see at night!

My recent trip to Singapore brought me to the Night Safari at Singapore Zoo. It is only my second time… Continue reading »

Feeding the Spotted Cat

One thing about zoos is that you will need to time your walks pretty good to catch all the action…. Continue reading »

Penang’s Best Kept Secret

One of Penang’s best and most well kept secret is probably the fact that Penang has sort of an underwater… Continue reading »

The Otterific Zoo

I like otters. They are cute. They are friendly. They are not shy. And they are great to photograph. Zoo… Continue reading »

A Visit To UNESCO Heritage Site – Khoo Kongsi

Back to Penang again and this time its about Khoo Kongsi, one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Penang. This… Continue reading »

Prawn Mee With A Twist…. Pork!

Malaysians usually think that the food in Singapore is not on par, but there are some gems in Singapore that… Continue reading »

Largest Toy Museum – In the World?!

In Penang, on Jalan Tanjung Bungah, you will see a large sign that says Toy Museum. It claims it is… Continue reading »

Fort Cornwallis

One of the many landmarks of Penang, Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort here in Malaysia. It is a… Continue reading »

Other Penang Delicacies

Well, I have definitely said that Char Kway Teow was one of the things that you must eat in Penang…. Continue reading »

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

Just opposite the Wat Chaiyamangalaram, is another famous temple in Penang, the Dhammikarama Burmese Temple. The main attraction is of… Continue reading »

Wat Chaiyamangkalaram

After checking into our hotel, the first thing we did was head out to some nearby attractions. And one of… Continue reading »

A Tale of Two Char Kway Teows

Going to Penang and not eating Char Kway Teow (or Fried Kway Teow) is a sin. Trust me on that…. Continue reading »


I could’t help but noticed some of the birds in the park were a bit more lonely than the rest…. Continue reading »

Stars of the Park

The penguins were the stars the park but they seem unfazed by the attention they were getting. Lots of people… Continue reading »


There is a row of cages at Singapore Jurong Birdpark that is simply filled with awesomeness. You are looking at… Continue reading »

The Little Fellas

As with all birdparks, there are cute lil fellas that we shouldn’t ignore. They are very active so catching them… Continue reading »

Not quite the Mandarin Ducks…

The search for the Mandarin Duck was unsuccessful. But at least I got another colourful fella during my hunt. I… Continue reading »

Play of light…

I like the play of light here as the sun rays were reflected off the water in the pond. It… Continue reading »

Portraits of Birds

A new look for the blog and of course, new images. Welcome to my new home and in case you… Continue reading »