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Main Photographer: Edwin Tan
Assistants: Sean Lim (2nd) and Myself (3rd)
Make-up & Hairdo: Gene Lim

Justin & Rachael

One day, chatting on MSN with Edwin Tan, he talked to me about being an assistant photographer to him and I was starting to offer my services to other photographers so I thought it was a good opportunity.

Justin & Rachael

Pretty soon, he asked if I would like to help out as an additional assistant to see if we are suitable to work together and I said “Why not?” It was a great opportunity, and it was for Justin and Rachael’s engagement session right before their actual wedding later in the day. This was going to be a casual 2-hour portrait session around Lake Garden because she wanted something colourful.

I was the assigned driver for the couple and on the way, explained to them the area, what to expect and they were pretty happy that they were going to get some greens in the pictures. The initial shoot was supposed to be around Bukit Bintang area so the decision by Edwin to move out to the park was proving spot on every minute of the day.

From the pictures, I have to say, that it was definitely the right call.

Justin & Rachael

Justin is an expert in visuals as well, so the pressure was definitely on during this session. But he was totally relaxed, a great sport and he pretty much did everything we ask him to along with Rachael. A session is always so much more fun when the couple is enjoying themselves.

I think we can always appreciate good, sporting clients especially when you ask them to run around catching each other under the sun.

Justin & Rachael

All in all, it was an awesome experience, watching how Edwin and Sean work. It also marked the start of my second shooting experience with Edwin, so this shoot will always be a milestone for me.

Of course, I also had to send the car to clean because right after the shoot, we returned to my car being absolutely bombarded by bird poo. Oh well, still almost the perfect ending 🙂

Justin & Rachael

For more pictures, have a look at the album on my Facebook page here.

It is also the Featured Gallery on the front page now 🙂

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