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Darren & Amanda

Darren and Amanda is the first couple portrait session that I shot alone. I was concentrating a lot on actual day wedding photography before this and thought that I should step out of my comfort zone to look at doing couple portraits or engagement session.

I am grateful to Darren and Amanda for putting their trust into me and investing the time to do this session at Heritage Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Darren & Amanda

I have always wanted to shoot at the hotel and I am glad we managed to do it, because shortly after our session, it closed down! I hope they re-open it and find an alternate revenue stream in providing the location as a shoot location because it gives an entirely different mood.

You get access to the train station, the rooftop, and very vintage looking rooms and hallways inside the hotel. I don’t think there is any other hotel in KL that could possibly offer what Heritage Hotel has to offer as a shooting location. Such a pity that it is poorly maintained due to lack of funds, and for this reason, closed down as it owes a huge amount of rent to KTMB.

Darren & Amanda

Back to the couple, Darren and Amanda is probably one of the sweetest couple you can meet. Darren loves her to bits and it is very clear when you are in front of them. Amanda is a bit more quiet, but as you can see from the photos, she loves him to bits too.

Both of them are in the “optical” line, and he met her while she was doing some practical work with an optometrist. He was on sales duty that time selling optical stuff. I can’t really remember what he was selling, as medical terms or scientific terms woosh past my head.

I could pun on “love at first sight” but let’s not go with that.

Darren & Amanda

At the shoot, one of the thing I remembered most was Amanda showing a picture with a silhouette of a couple kissing. She asked if they could get a shot like that. There I was, at 11+am and with the sun super hot that day thinking if I could do it.

Well, I guess I am glad I did it, although I had to push my camera almost to the max to cut off the light. Just one of those things that you remember during a shoot…

Darren & Amanda

All in all, it was a great first experience for me, shooting solo for the first time during a portraiture session. Not that I will do it often now, because I enjoy having the company of a second shooter for shoots these days. It will help in covering different angles and also give a different dynamic to the whole shoot itself.

Hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂

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