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Main Photographers: Timothy Yong and Myself
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

I call this “The Wedding That Started It All”. And I thank Calvin and Cynthia for placing their trust in us and to Tim for getting me into the shoot. It started off innocently enough, Tim knows Cynthia’s friend and they wanted someone to cover a very simple wedding ceremony for family and friends here in KL. Both of them are based in Hong Kong so when Tim asked me if I was interested, I said why not?

Calvin & Cynthia

Looking back, knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have said yes! Armed only with a Nikon D40 and the AF-S 105mm f2.8 Micro, that was certainly gears not very suitable to cover a wedding. I also used Tim’s 70-200mm but with the crop factor and all, my options were very much tele.

Calvin & Cynthia

But I guess it was also the fact that I had a bit of distance to experience the moments that got me hooked on wedding photography. These days, I am a lot more comfortable and I have no qualms in getting in up, close and personal. Of course, not to the extent of blocking the entire ceremony and ruining a moment 🙂

Calvin & Cynthia

Re-visiting the photos during a pretty free period now, I definitely agree that I could have possibly done a million things differently. But I am also reminded of why I am so passionate about this particular field of photography as well. The subtle touches, the smiles, the laughter, the pure emotion of a wedding is quite something else.

Calvin & Cynthia

If I could rewind time and go back to the point of Tim asking me, would I have said yes? Definitely! A million times over, because without that starting point, I wouldn’t be here today.

Calvin & Cynthia

Now I know the next time I am feeling a little bit tired, a little bit jaded, I can look back at this post and remind myself why it is worth the late nights, the lost weekends and exhausting every single muscle in my body to capture that moment. For more pics, you can view at the Facebook album here

Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂

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