March 31, 2011 Nick Leong 4Comment

Main Photographer: Steph Tan
Assistant Photographer: Myself
Videographer: Raffi Th’ng

At the end of 2010, I was eagerly awaiting the start of 2011 as it marked the start of my 8-day adventure in Dhaka capturing the awesome wedding ceremony of Moin and Tanzila. This is my first destination wedding so it was of course extra special. And what a blast it was!

Moin & Tanzila

First up, the range of emotions displayed during the entire ceremony was a big surprise to me. You have the happiness as can be seen above…

Moin & Tanzila

And you have tears when the bride realises that she is moving on, living with another family and it is the beginning of a new journey. It was a roller coaster of emotions and I loved every moment of it! Every photographer dream about shooting a wedding that is filled with emotions because that is what motivate us to spend hours editing and working on weekends. Once we see the raw emotions that we can capture, it makes us feel better, justifying the sacrifices we have made.

Moin & Tanzila

Another big surprise for me was the involvement of everyone in the family! Cousins, friends and practically everyone or anyone will chip in to help with the major operations needed to pull off so many events during this period of time. They help with preparing the gifts, managing the events and deco, coordinating performances and having a great time while doing all of that!

It was simply amazing and I am sure that Moin and Tanzila will look back and say that they have awesome family members and friends.

Moin & Tanzila

Moin & Tanzila

The other thing I loved about covering their wedding was the traditional costume they wore. It was so elaborate, so detailed, and so beautiful. I have about 7-8 8GB CF cards, and I practically filled them all from each shoot that we have. That is like a huge amount of pictures for mostly half-day events!

Moin & Tanzila

And best of all, Moin and Tanzila was the perfect host, ferrying us around, making sure we were fed well and putting on a smile way past midnight after the ceremony for some simple portrait shots. I am sure they were super tired especially Tanzila!

The amount of jewelry and stuff she had to wear must be a few KG extra weight on her!

Moin & Tanzila

The 8-day adventure did not just end when the wedding ceremony ended. We also did a post-wedding casual session as they would have been way too busy before the wedding to have one done without a million things on their mind. So, the final session was casual, and it was just about the two of them.

An awesome ending, to an awesome adventure! (yes, I love that word :P)

A big shoutout to Steph Tan for trusting me to give me this assignment as her assistant and also one to Raffi Th’ng, the videographer. He is one great talent and look out for his work! (Hope we did not frighten you away ffrom being involved in the wedding industry :P)

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  1. HI ,
    She looks beautiful and classy! I was wondering who did her make up? n Where did she buy her wedding saree(attire) from? Please do let me know the details. Thanks, n Keep clicking!

    1. Hi Masha,

      I have no idea where she did her make-up. She had it done at a few places, one was by a make-up artist that came to her place and some were done at beauty parlors I believe.

      As for her dress, it could have been India 🙂

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