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I probably should spend more time in updating the blog but time is probably a commodity that is short in stock at the moment. Not that I am complaining because this means that I get to do what I love to do, taking photos.

Other than weddings, I was also given the opportunity to shoot something entirely different from what I set out to do. First up, my ex-business partner and a good friend, Timothy, welcomed a new member to his family. I jokingly told him that I will shoot his newborn son, Gabriel, and he accepted it.

Gabriel Yong

This was my first time shooting a baby and it was definitely 1000x if not a million times tougher than a wedding shoot. The above is just a sneak peek of what is going to come soon but I salute the photographers who have made photographing kids and babies their area of expertise 🙂

Academy of Pastry Arts of Malaysia

And then an ex-colleague of mine, Jade, asked me to help her out with a few shots for an article in a newspaper for the Academy of Pastry Arts of Malaysia. Not that I am well-versed in the field of food photography but I gave it a go as well.

The above as well, is just a sneak peek of a longer post to come soon. So, all in all, while sitting here at my desk editing countless of wedding photos, it was a nice break to shoot and edit something different entirely. I only hope that I managed to maintain my style throughout.

Hopefully my next blog update won’t take ages!

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  1. @Alan Thanks, I try my best and hope I reach the standards of the pros

    @Edwin hahaha I thought you were getting the masters in children photography to shoot them 🙂 Valerie or Asther perhaps? 🙂

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