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One of the most challenging shoots I have had this year was when I decided to try and photograph Timothy’s newborn son, Gabriel. With my own son coming in December, I thought it was good practice and I could see if this genre was something that I would enjoy doing.

Boy (pun not intended), was it tough! I respected children and family portrait photographers before but this was the first time that I’ve sort of been in their shoes and it wasn’t easy.

Having said that, it was still quite a fun session. I definitely couldn’t pose Gabriel or ask him to look left right where the light is. He didn’t really listen to my instructions. And he was already a month old so he was already beginning to develop his “fight back” movements so we definitely couldn’t just pose him as we like.

The one thing that I got from this session is the need to be patient. I was there for probably around 2 hours but I probably actively shot for around one hour or lesser. Sometimes, you have to wait for the perfect timing when Gabriel is sort of asleep that you can move him around and he won’t fuss over it.

But those were good waiting times. I got to catch up with Timothy and it was certainly quite stress free.

After this experience, if you asked me if I would shoot a newborn again, of course! I will definitely photograph my own son 😛 but I am also looking forward to photograph another of my friend’s newborn son. At least it will serve as another practice ground for me and it will give me a bit of diversion from wedding photography.

I hope Timothy and family liked the pictures I gave to them and I hope that it will be something the family can cherish for years to come. While having Timothy in the shots, it was certainly lovely to see the bond between the father and the son and I am sure that Gabriel will be loved to bits.

I am glad that Timothy gave me the opportunity and the trust to mess around with his newborn and I look forward to another session this Sunday. Mason, here I come!

Oh, and for more pictures of Gabriel, you can visit my Facebook Page here.

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  1. LOL, you said photographing baby was tough. Wait till you photograph an energizer-operated toddler who is always actively running around =D

    I like the shot of baby Gabriel looking up at his dad 🙂

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