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What do you do when a friend and a mentor asks if you can take photos of him in Australia with his loved one? You will definitely say yes. I did and then I realised the task at hand was a major one. Especially when you hear the words Tasmania, Australia. The pressure adds up, I tell you.

When Edwin asked if I could photograph him and Agnes during their holiday in Australia, I hesitated and mulled it over before finally saying yes. Not that I didn’t welcome the opportunity to shoot in Australia, but I was concerned if I could step up to the plate and deliver. After all, I didn’t want to disappoint him and Agnes.

So, Tasmania was the destination of choice and it was a beautiful place. Our first night and second day was spent up in the mountains and I began to understand why so many photographers love to shoot in Australia. This could be just Tasmania but the fresh air, the awesome light and you can pretty much shoot from day to night.

Of course, with Edwin and Agnes, the shoot was also very relaxed and we were just enjoying ourselves so it served as a holiday for me as well. Throughout the day, Edwin kept saying “don’t worry so much about shooting, enjoy the place” but I was of course worried. Wouldn’t be too good if I only gave ten photos at the end of the day right?

We went from the mountains and further up north to Launceston before heading downwards back to Hobart. We were there during Autumn and did I tell you I love autumn? Those golden leaves are beautiful. Not only that, the parks were clean and green and it was a joy just shooting around in a simple park.

We don’t even need majestic mountains or super dramatic clouds most of the time. Not that we got super dramatic clouds 😛

But the best part of the trip was making Edwin and Agnes play the couple role, rather than the photographer role (the camera did stay by his side most of the time though). I got him to carry Agnes, lie on dried leaves and run.. lots of running and walking. I even got to play at a railway track and this was an active one as well!

It was one of those moments where you hope that you don’t suddenly hear a loud “choo choo” coming from behind. But it was fun. And I hope they liked the pictures at the end of the day.

I thank them both for trusting me with such an important role, and well, may they may have many more trips in the future (and bring me along :P).

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  1. hei bro, on behalf of Agnes n myself, we really appreciate your effort n yes we do enjoy the trip and moments captured for us… lets plan for more trip ya!

    1. @Edwin, thanks for trusting me and glad you liked the pictures. Haha my future plans might not suit you anymore. Got a son to bring along 😛

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