November 1, 2011 Nick Leong 0Comment

Main Photographer: Nicholas Leong

Assistant Photographer (s): David Cheong & Ian Chong


It is funny how hobbies can bring people together. I met Edgar (or Edge) in an online forum, and no it was not a dating website. It was a card game called VS System and when a tournament was held in the Philippines, I went there with a bunch of friends, met up with Edge and his bunch of friends including Fatima and we stayed friends from then on.

Since then, I have stopped playing card games and Edge has moved to Singapore with Fatima but we kept in touch. When he was engaged, he asked if I would take his pre-wedding portraits and I was more than happy too. I’ve been to Singapore many times but this was a first for me.

As it turned out, the shoot also served as a tour for them as they have not been to many of the places that we went for the shoot. And I must say that I was pretty ambitious with the list of venues when we first planned the shoot. Well, one thing for sure, things don’t always work out as planned as it started raining super heavily after we took a couple of shots at the Botanical Gardens.

We took shelter at Funan Digital Mall and had to re-think our strategy while it continued to pour outside. After a while, I got tired of waiting and decided to brave the weather. Luckily they had umbrellas and we could find some shade for interesting shots. I had to be in the rain but hey, that is part of the job.

The first location was that fire station just right opposite Funan Digital Mall. I still love that location and I think the red doors are just absolutely stunning to photograph. All we needed was the road to be clear and we will have our shot. Luckily, there weren’t many cars so we definitely had like 1-2 minutes to take the shots.

And then, we walked further down the road and it was a famous landmark in Singapore. I call it the United Colours of Benetton building but I am pretty sure the official name is less glamorous. I believe it was a government building but the windows make for a very interesting backdrop for the shoot.

The rain turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Why? For starters, it wasn’t too hot so we didn’t have to worry about the scorching sun and heat. Secondly, I got my reflection sort off a rain puddle. If it didn’t rain, I wouldn’t have gotten this shot so as you can see, things always turn out alright after all.

We may now always get what we want, but as long as we are willing to adapt, there is always a positive out there.

After that, we got treated to a tasty lunch by Edge and Fatima at one of their favourite restaurants in Singapore and we were off to Fatima’s location of choice after lunch – the Red Dot Building. This is another iconic building in Singapore and it is also the only must-have location I believe when I first planned the shoot with Edge and Fatima.

She used to work near here so she walks by the building everyday and imagined her picture taken there.

All in all, it was an extremely fun shoot and I am glad that I played a role in their journey towards married life. Here is wishing the both of them many happy years to come!

For more pictures of Edge and Fatima, you can visit the album on my Facebook page here.

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