January 9, 2012 Nick Leong 0Comment

Main Photographer: Edwin Tan
Assisted by: Nicholas Leong & Alan Leong
Make-up by: Angie Ng

I cannot believe that the last blog post I wrote was all the way back in November. I definitely have to write more for 2012 even if I have to find an extra hour somewhere in the day to do so. Way earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assist Edwin Tan to cover the wedding of Chen Fui and Siew Wei.

One thing that you can be amazed at for most Chinese weddings is the willingness of close friends to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to help the groom pick up the bride. Not only are they going to eat funky stuff, perform in front of strangers, perform yoga exercises – all this while being dressed up – such friendship is to be appreciated.

They do it all with a smile although they will act reluctant. After all, who wants to be tortured right? For Chen Fui and Siew Wei, the games weren’t too bad and the guests were treated to a lion dance as well as a performance from the groom himself!

It is always fun covering Chinese weddings and while it is usually hectic and we are running around everywhere, when we look back at the photos, it is all pretty much worth it.

It has been a while since I helped Edwin shoot this wedding so the details are all a bit blur. One thing for sure, I returned from outstation the night before and I was super tired in the morning but once the proceedings started, the adrenaline kicked in and I was having fun.

For more photos, visit the album on my Facebook page here.

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