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Main Photographer: Nicholas Leong
Venue: The Sarojin Thailand, Phuket

In life, you treasure a few things that are closed to you. Your family, your friends and what you passionately love to do. In this shoot, I was happy that I managed to do what I passionately love to do – photographing two individuals in love – and doing so for two of my best friends, Ong and Ai Lin.

I would have done it anywhere, but it was a bonus that they brought me along to the awesome and gorgeous, The Sarojin Resort in Phuket, Thailand. If you are going to Phuket and you are looking for a place to relax and forget the world, this is it.

We were there for three days and when we first arrived, we wanted to take it easy. But with a gorgeous sunset on the first evening, I thought we might as well take advantage of it. After all, who knows if Mother Nature decides to change her mind?

Was I glad we did so because the next few sunsets were less awesome.

The good thing about photographing Ong and Ai Lin is that they are both very easy going and they allowed me to do whatever I wanted to do. Full creative license! Nothing can be more awesome than that.

With the next sunset, I decided to try something a little different. With the waves coming in, I tried to do a slow shutter. I didn’t lug a tripod around this time but thankfully my hands was steady enough to still get some slow shutter effect into the shot. They look they are in the middle of the ocean, no? 😛

But there is more to the resort than just a beautiful beach. Even walking around the resort, you can find great places to shoot. I love the pond that you can see right after you walk out of the reception. The moment I saw that, I knew I wanted a shot there.

I think we pretty much explored the entire area and turned the place upside down for different shots. I couldn’t thank Ong and Ai Lin enough for putting up with me and my constant demand for them to pose a certain way, and the amount of kissing I asked them to do, I think it was enough for their next 10 years.

When it turned dark, it gave us entirely different set of images as well. But the most memorable moments when we shot at night was not the images that we obtained, but the journey to obtain it. I soaked the entire hotel slippers in muddy water to get the shot above, and another shot had my wife fending off a cicada.

When we moved indoor, the groom was wary of the stick insect that was stuck on the glass. He has a thing against creatures with more than four legs.

At last, being good friends = doing crazy things. After I made them jump into the pool, they made me jump into the pool. For more images, you can watch the slideshow montage:

Or you can visit the Facebook album here

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