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One of the questions that I normally get during wedding consultation is how would you describe your style? I would usually say all black because it makes me look slim but I know that is not what they are getting at. Of course every photographer has a style of their own. Some of us are similar, some of us are so different we might as well be from different planets.

Some of us find it hard to answer the question but it has always been clear to me. My editing style and colour preference might have changed over the years but the way I see and approach a wedding has been consistent since I started dabbling in it towards end 2008.

My style has always followed my wedding philosophy and that is usually summed up in one word – happiness. I believe that every wedding is a truly happy occasion not only for the bride and the groom but for family members and friends. Therefore, in every wedding, I have pursued that happiness.

Through my photos, I hope to showcase what a happy occasion it was. My aim is for you to smile when you look back at the photos years later. Not because of the cheesy poses we put you through (we don’t!) but because you can see just what a joyous occasion it was.

Does that mean I don’t take photos of people crying at a wedding? Of course I do! After all, we are talking about tears of joy here. Inevitably there will be times during the wedding when stress gets the better of people. I have seen a frown or a scowl somewhere but I have usually distanced myself from it.

Give them a moment or two and the smiles will return. And my shutter will click again.

And that is my philosophy and that has dominated how I shoot a wedding and today, how I edit a wedding as well. The photos I filter out, my colour tones and my album layout. I tend to go where smiles and laughter are at. And if that sometimes lead me away from the bride and groom, then so be it.

After all, you would want to know what’s happening elsewhere during your wedding as well.

That philosophy is something that I will tell my second shooters as well. I work with people that I am comfortable with. People that will understand what I am out to achieve. I am very lucky that very talented photographers have agreed to help me out during my career and they have embraced what I believe in as well.

The few that have worked multiple weddings with me now do not even need to ask what shots they need to take. They gravitate towards the smiles and laughters – just like me. Of course, having this clarity also makes it easier for me to brief new people that working with me.

More importantly, having a portfolio of work that can truly highlight my wedding philosophy have helped me attract awesome couples that also believe that their big day is one that they can enjoy and not one that they will stress over. And when they are taking things as they come and tackle it with a smile on their face, my images deliver themselves to me.

So, if you have that question in your mind, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to explain. But if you are too shy to ask, at least you know now 🙂

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