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SamVic_0277_stompedPhotographing Sam and Vic’s big day started when my colleague asked me if she could hire me as a gift for her best friends. It was meant to be a simple 3-hour shoot to serve as their pre-wedding. I said sure, she set up a meeting and before I know it, I was already discussing with Sam and Victoria to shoot their big day.

I have to say that I was glad that I was chosen and that we hit it off during that meeting. Because it was a beautiful wedding. Sam and Vic was so relaxed (probably the most relaxed couple I’ve met) that you knew they were just going to enjoy the day – whatever happened.



Unlike the usual weddings I shoot where we begin the day at 5am or 6am, we started later in the day which meant, we get beautiful light coming into the room! The funny thing was I thought I was early but Victoria was already done changing by the time I got there. She didn’t even know that prep shots were meant to be taken. That was how chillax she was.

After that, it was just her close friends coming in to spend some time with her and I loved the fact that we had time to take a couple of portrait shots for her and her dad (really funny guy too or maybe I was just in tune with his dad jokes).

SamVic_0081_stomped SamVic_0117_stomped

During our discussion, we talked about an intimate moment for the both of them. It is very seldom done here for weddings where grooms generally see their brides for the first time in front of a group of friends and family members. They wanted something special – a moment only for the both of them (and well, two photographers).

I loved it because that’s real emotion right there and you can’t ask for more as a photographer. I’ve only done three “first look” meetings for weddings and I really do hope that I can get to do more of it.


SamVic_0203_stompedThe wedding of Samuel and Victoria will always be one that I remember. Not just because they are two really awesome people, but because it was a wedding that I thought was just perfect. Throughout the day, we witnessed true joy, true love and it was just click after click on our cameras.

My philosophy has always been a wedding is a happy occasion. And I gravitate towards laughter and smiles because I want couples to remember the best parts of their big day. It was an overload of joy and happiness during Sam and Vic’s wedding and one that I was really happy to be a part of.


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