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Japan has been one of my favourite countries to travel to since I first went there in 2007. It took me seven years before my second visit and nine years before I had my first shoot there. Edmund and Melissa is the awesome team at RedTie Wedding Singapore and we have worked with each other for a few weddings.

When they first messaged me if I would do an overseas assignment, I never thought it would be for them. They are awesome people to work with and awesome as a couple to photograph as well. In a short 2-day shoot, we covered locations in Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.


This is also the first time I’ve made a couple trek up a hill for their shoot just to enjoy clear view of Kyoto. Trust me, that 30 minute climb was not easy with all our stuff. But I have to say the view is worth it though. And with it being such a climb, I am sure not many couple would have made the trek up there in their gowns, suits and all.

Kyoto is an extremely beautiful city and one that I didn’t get a lot of chance to appreciate in my first trip there in 2014. This time around, got to see a little bit more and I can’t wait to get back there.


Of course, one has to go to the bamboo forest as well. The challenge is finding a spot without any crowd. The tip is to go there really early like 6am because the crowd starts to come in after. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do so but still managed to find a few spots where crowd is relatively fewer.

These are just sneak peeks and I can’t wait to share the whole album with you. But that will probably in 2017 as they would not like too many to get out their big day next year 🙂

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