January 26, 2015 Nick Leong

I have seen some photographers say that one should never be satisfied with their work. In a way, I understand where they are coming from. After all, I am all about continuous learning as well. But in another way, I disagree with them. I believe that being satisfied with your own work is in no way being complacent. After all, if you are not satisfied with your own work, how can you expect your clients to be? There has to be some degree of satisfaction, else there will be no fun in continuing what we are doing. (more…)

December 28, 2014 Nick Leong

One of the questions that I normally get during wedding consultation is how would you describe your style? I would usually say all black because it makes me look slim but I know that is not what they are getting at. Of course every photographer has a style of their own. Some of us are similar, some of us are so different we might as well be from different planets. Some of us find it hard to answer the question but it has always been clear to me. My editing style and colour preference might have changed over the years…

September 27, 2014 Nick Leong 1Comment

2015 is going to be final year in wedding photography so I thought I’ll kick off my No Frills promotion a little earlier. It is usually ran towards April of each year but I wanted to fix my schedule up way earlier so I can plan my time better and identify that final pre-wedding or wedding session that will be happening (because that would be a special day!). So, if you are interested, this is the biggest yet as it is extended to 30 couples or until 31 October 2014. The usual terms is 50% to confirm a slot and…

April 23, 2014 Nick Leong

WPPI Accolades of Excellence Photographers join competition for a variety of reasons. They do it to push themselves to do better, they are looking for industry peers to give them honest reviews and they look to test themselves among the best in the industry. I’ve had my fair share of submissions and I don’t win a lot of them but I had a few moments. (more…)

April 18, 2014 Nick Leong

Working with Timothy Yong Some people shoot with others as a side income, some do it as a stepping stone, some for learning and sometimes all of the above or a combination of the above. I started out in wedding photography with a partner, Timothy Yong. From there on, I’ve never looked back and never shot an actual wedding alone. I’ve always believed that the best weddings are shot by two (or even more). Not only do you have someone to look at different angles, you have someone who can back you up and someone that…