January 13, 2012 Nick Leong

Main Photographer: Nicholas Leong Venue: The Sarojin Thailand, Phuket In life, you treasure a few things that are closed to you. Your family, your friends and what you passionately love to do. In this shoot, I was happy that I managed to do what I passionately love to do – photographing two individuals in love – and doing so for two of my best friends, Ong and Ai Lin. I would have done it anywhere, but it was a bonus that they brought me along to the awesome and gorgeous, The Sarojin Resort in Phuket, Thailand. If you are going…

January 9, 2012 Nick Leong

Main Photographer: Edwin Tan Assisted by: Nicholas Leong & Alan Leong Make-up by: Angie Ng I cannot believe that the last blog post I wrote was all the way back in November. I definitely have to write more for 2012 even if I have to find an extra hour somewhere in the day to do so. Way earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assist Edwin Tan to cover the wedding of Chen Fui and Siew Wei. (more…)

November 1, 2011 Nick Leong

Main Photographer: Nicholas Leong Assistant Photographer (s): David Cheong & Ian Chong   It is funny how hobbies can bring people together. I met Edgar (or Edge) in an online forum, and no it was not a dating website. It was a card game called VS System and when a tournament was held in the Philippines, I went there with a bunch of friends, met up with Edge and his bunch of friends including Fatima and we stayed friends from then on. Since then, I have stopped playing card games and Edge has moved to Singapore with Fatima but we…

October 24, 2011 Nick Leong 2Comment

What do you do when a friend and a mentor asks if you can take photos of him in Australia with his loved one? You will definitely say yes. I did and then I realised the task at hand was a major one. Especially when you hear the words Tasmania, Australia. The pressure adds up, I tell you. When Edwin asked if I could photograph him and Agnes during their holiday in Australia, I hesitated and mulled it over before finally saying yes. Not that I didn’t welcome the opportunity to shoot in Australia, but I was concerned if I…

October 5, 2011 Nick Leong 4Comment

One of the most challenging shoots I have had this year was when I decided to try and photograph Timothy’s newborn son, Gabriel. With my own son coming in December, I thought it was good practice and I could see if this genre was something that I would enjoy doing. Boy (pun not intended), was it tough! I respected children and family portrait photographers before but this was the first time that I’ve sort of been in their shoes and it wasn’t easy. (more…)