• Pre-wedding
  • Why Not Sabah?

    Photographer: Nicholas Leong Make-up Artist: Kok Shin Yi Hair Accessory: The Weddingholics Many couples have the intention to travel to far away places for their pre-wedding shoots and I guess it is not a surprise because there is just something magical and romantic being thousands of miles away, especially in dream location such as Paris, […]

  • Pre-wedding
  • Ong & Ai Lin

    Main Photographer: Nicholas Leong Venue: The Sarojin Thailand, Phuket In life, you treasure a few things that are closed to you. Your family, your friends and what you passionately love to do. In this shoot, I was happy that I managed to do what I passionately love to do – photographing two individuals in love […]

  • Portrait
  • Edwin & Agnes

    What do you do when a friend and a mentor asks if you can take photos of him in Australia with his loved one? You will definitely say yes. I did and then I realised the task at hand was a major one. Especially when you hear the words Tasmania, Australia. The pressure adds up, […]