October 24, 2011 Nick Leong 2Comment

What do you do when a friend and a mentor asks if you can take photos of him in Australia with his loved one? You will definitely say yes. I did and then I realised the task at hand was a major one. Especially when you hear the words Tasmania, Australia. The pressure adds up, I tell you. When Edwin asked if I could photograph him and Agnes during their holiday in Australia, I hesitated and mulled it over before finally saying yes. Not that I didn’t welcome the opportunity to shoot in Australia, but I was concerned if I…

September 15, 2011 Nick Leong

One of the many perks about being a wedding photographer other than capturing happy moments is the opportunity to travel pretty much around the world. This year alone, I was lucky enough to kick start my year with a trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh and you can read about that here. I was then given the opportunity to travel down south to Australia where I visited the beautiful island of Tasmania. (more…)