January 13, 2012 Nick Leong

Main Photographer: Nicholas Leong Venue: The Sarojin Thailand, Phuket In life, you treasure a few things that are closed to you. Your family, your friends and what you passionately love to do. In this shoot, I was happy that I managed to do what I passionately love to do – photographing two individuals in love – and doing so for two of my best friends, Ong and Ai Lin. I would have done it anywhere, but it was a bonus that they brought me along to the awesome and gorgeous, The Sarojin Resort in Phuket, Thailand. If you are going…

September 15, 2011 Nick Leong

One of the many perks about being a wedding photographer other than capturing happy moments is the opportunity to travel pretty much around the world. This year alone, I was lucky enough to kick start my year with a trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh and you can read about that here. I was then given the opportunity to travel down south to Australia where I visited the beautiful island of Tasmania. (more…)