Just realized I have not written a review here since my wedding in 08 Mar 15! Must definitely do some justice to Nick as it was an awesome experience with him. I remember looking around for his reviews before I engaged him. So those who are interested to engage him… Here it goes! Engaging Nicholas Leong photography is one of the best choices in my wedding! I’m so glad to have found him as my wedding photographer. Nicholas and Brandon covered my wedding and they’re awesome! The pictures are very nice and they are very hardworking, going around capturing various moments. I can feel Nick’s passion in photography. Personally, I feel that finding a photographer is not only about their skills, but it is also about their heart & character. He is very dedicated to his family and I find that such people are more responsibility and have a more personal touch. Many of my guests who saw the photos raved about the pictures. Some of my friends who are getting married shortly after me have also gone ahead to engage him! His rates are also very reasonable and of great value! Highly recommended. Nick, thanks so much for playing an important role for my wedding. I hope you will go far cos you deserve it!

-Allena & Fred


Nicholas came with good recommendations from a friend. We trusted him in flying 7000 miles to come record our special day in London and he definitely delivered! Caught all those special moments and combined elements of the location and us for very memorable photos. Our favourite which is in London Bridge with the Olympic Rings is hanging proud on our wall. Thanks Nicholas!

– JJ and Jacqueline


Nicholas was a recommendation from one of my bridesmaid who spends day & night looking at wedding photographer work. She forwarded me a link & asked me to look into Nicholas’s work and to be frank, I trusted her so I just proceeded to put a deposit on a package without thinking too much.

It must have been the best decision ever because Nicholas turned out to be excellent!

Nicholas was very professional & provided with invaluable feedback on the shoot. We worked together very well & he was extremely helpful. He was also very proactive as I suggested a venue for our shoot & he proceeded to email the venue to ask for details. Nicholas then proceeded to forward the details to me.

As a bride, there was so much that needs to be done but Nicholas made my life so much easier. Always ready to accommodate and on-the-ball in terms of email communication. At a last minute, we also decided to do an extra venue for the shoot and Nicholas agreed with no hesitation. He also helped communicate with the make-up artist which was included in the package. During the shoot, we had so much fun & both my husband and myself felt so comfortable with him.

When we went up to Genting for the shoot, Nicholas further helped us with buying of the tickets and spotting of nice spots for the shoot. We took some pictures in the rain and Nicholas was excellent in directing us with the poses. I must say that I expected the shoot to be tiring and was expecting a long day ahead but with Nicholas it was so much fun.

In fact, so much that I would be willing to do it all over again.

Most importantly, the end result was beautiful!!! Our family & friends loved them and once I posted them on facebook, the response was overwhelming.
The beautiful photos will be a memory for life and I am so proud the photos turn out to be amazing. Although it was taken in Genting, many thought it was taken in an overseas location, this is how great Nicholas is!

I can’t rave enough about him but if you are looking for a thoughtful, caring & professional photographer, look no further, Nicholas Leong is the ultimate choice.

– Mr & Mrs KK Lee

A Nice Photo captures the actual expressions of people,
A Good Photo express the real & no hidden feelings of people.
A Cameraman takes a Good Photo,
But a Good Cameraman takes a Good Photo which can tells Stories.
And Photos are always the best way to keep precious memories and treasure the good moments with your loved ones.
Me and my Boyfriend met a good Cameraman ( #Nicholas Leong ) and that’s how We manage to keep our Precious moments forever~
For you Nic! thanks for your help!

– Dicky & Jiying

I came across Nicholas Leong Photography from Booi’s pre-wedding photos. I was attracted by his beautiful shoots. And so coincidence, Nicholas and Booi are my brother’s old friends. 🙂

We’re glad and satisfied we made the right choice by picking him as our pre-wedding photographer.

Nick has his own style. The way he sees things is special. He knew what kind of picture he wanted. He managed to capture our natural poses and smiles.

He is a patience and committed photographer. He and his team (Alan and Brendon) arrived the location earlier than us to survey around the best spot to shoot. As what he said about himself, he is really like a ninja, most of the time hiding and captures the best shot / expression from us.

I was wondering and feeling weird when Nick asked us to stand under a tree. And we didn’t expect the picture turn out superb and become one of our favorite!

As a conclusion, give him the benefit of doubt when he suggests you position yourself a certain way. I can assure you that the outcome is a definite amazing.

I would definitely recommend Nick to others who are looking for a professional photographer to capture their lifelong memories.

Keep up your passion, we love to see your photography.

– Kar Hing & Yin Ying

Nick is very easy going and made the entire process extremely enjoyable and relatively stress free during our 4d 3n shoot in Kota Kinabalu. He was able to visualize what we wanted and delivered stunning photographs. Those moments will be cherished and we thank Nick for capturing the memories for us.

– Booi & May Ling

Nick was a pleasure to shoot with. His easy going yet intuitive style allowed to us have lots of fun, and at the same time capture one of the most important moments in our lives.

Thanks for the memories!

-Jin Keat & Sher Li-

Almost one year on and the hubby and I would still from time to time, view the wedding day photos and video that Nicholas and Alan took, just to relive the beautiful memories. Nicholas and Alan did a wonderful job translating the happiness, joy and tender moments of our special day into prints. We just never tire of looking at the natural capture of the raw emotions captured of our family and friends on our wedding day. And the video montage, loved it so much as it reflected us better as a couple!!

Nicholas’ work speaks volume!! A million thanks too for being so accommodating and professional throughout. We definitely appreciate everything!

-Sue & Hubby-

Working with Nick was a great experience. His commitment and professionalism was exceptional from the first day we met him. We absolutely loved the shots he captured for us. Would definitely recommend Nicholas Leong Photography to anyone looking for a talented and dedicated photographer.

-Bala & Dhanya-

Our search for a wedding photographer was a long one. We were really searching high and low for a wedding photography style that could capture our wedding moments in the way that we wanted. Someone who could capture the right moments at the right time. Imagine that you will be looking at the photos many many years down the road and re-live the moments again 🙂 That’s why we were really picky in choosing the right photographer… Happy to say, we had no regrets at all choosing Nicholas Photography! Service and follow-ups were good all the way. Hubby and I are truly happy with how the pictures turned out. Thanks to Nick and the team for being very accommodating to our requests and the guests’, and for a job well done!!

-Arthur & Hazel-

We asked Nick Leong to take photos at our civil marriage ceremony at Maju Junction, as well as an intimate reception at Carcosa Seri Negara, because we had seen a pre-wedding shoot he had done for friends in Thailand, which we loved.

If anyone can make Maju Junction, located on the top floor of a multi-storey car park, look interesting, it’s Nick. He really captured the mood of the day. And the photos at Carcosa are fabulous. Nick came up with some original poses, and managed to make an older but first-time bride look almost regal!

We would add that Nick was the easiest person to deal with, keeping to all deadlines and even agreeing to include in our album a couple of amateur photos taken by friends on the day of the wedding.

-John & Kate-

We knew Nick as a friend for almost a decade and when it came to our wedding there was no doubt who our photographer would be. Choosing him however was not an act of friendship but an act of faith as we have seen majority of his work thoughout the years and were happy with the look and feel of his photos.

It was a very stress free and simple planning for the pre-wedding and wedding day shoot. We assumed after knowing us for so long, he would be able to anticipate our preferences for certain small matters and for bigger ones, he would consult us for our feedback. That being said, we basically gave him a full creative license as to how the photos would be taken. All we needed was to suggest a place and he took it from there.

The outcome came out even better than expected. We really appreciate how much effort he put into creating our wedding memories and were thoroughly impressed with the final outcome. Seeing how he manage to capture the most intricate details of our relationship and bring it into the picture was really amazing. It was definitely one of our proudest moments of our friend’s work.

So to our dear Nick, thank you for the great work. We never knew that you knew us that well until we saw it through your eyes.

-Tze Hong & Ai Lin-

What else is there to say that has not been said before? Nick is a great photographer, incredible artist, and a very creative individual (which I am so jealous of). But to my hubby and I, the most important thing to remember is that Nick is an awesome friend!

I think what makes a great photographer is the connection between him and the subject, and in our case, subjects. Nick really understood us as a couple. Yet, he also knew us as individuals and he also let our different personalities shine through. Nick listened to our ideas and he was also able to read between the lines. I am so amazed at how Nick managed to come up with fresh concepts that totally fit us as a couple and bring out our personalities.

A testament to Nick’s creativity is the variety of shots and angles in his portfolio. As a bride, I really felt that our prenup shoot was special. Nick made us feel at ease with his directions in our photo shoot. It was fun and creative and a happy event. And as always, the final photos were just beautiful.

I am just so grateful that my hubby and I have an awesome friend who also happens to be an incredibly talented photographer. Thank you so much Nick for the beautiful memories that we can keep for the rest of our lives!

-Edgar & Fatima-

The Baby Gabriel series was just wonderful.Nick’s post process signature work is seen all over the set. I was fortunate to be with him during the whole session.

His calmness, patience and “no complain” attitude really respected.

He literally waited for the baby to fall asleep. What I like best? I like how he put his “heart” into the whole thing. And the package that he delivered, wow…

I received a nicely handmade (I assume) DVD cover with nice color matching ribbons and some framed up 4R photos. It is the small touches that really touched me.

Overall, thank you. Thank you for the time, the patience and the gift.


Many thanks for your help, time and patience during the photoshoot session.

We were very fortunate to have you as our photographers and would happily recommend you to friends and family.


It wasn’t long before we could see that you are totally passionate about your photography. We never have a doubt in our mind that you would do a great job.
Looking back, we were fortunate that we came in contact with you.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for covering our wedding day on 16th January 2011. We cannot thank you enough for all the gorgeous photos you have taken of our families, friends and us. You have created a perfect memory of our wedding day. They are truly priceless to us.

You made us feel comfortable in a professional and relaxed way. We know it is very hard to keep everyone happy but you managed to do it tremendously well. We love your selection of photos of which includes the natural and fun shots that we were after. The pictures are truly uniquely ours, shaped by the moments of the day. Your eye for what’s important manifested itself in myriad ways and made the day and pictures perfect.

As the years goes by, we will look back on this day and remember the special part you played.

We will definitely have no hesitation on highly recommending Nicholas Leong Photography! 🙂

-Brandon & Mayline-

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  1. I first met Nicholas from our many gear exchanging moments when we had initially started learning photography and had the opportunity to work for him quite a few times now. And if you are looking for a wedding photographer to cover your big day, you can absolutely trust this guy to get the job done. Cool as a cucumber, quiet and unassuming are a few of his traits. But ultimately, his caring and fun-loving attitude would be a few words to in my view, to describe this guy.

    A great father and a loving husband, he is definitely one person who you can rely on your wedding day and the absolute last one (or not ever) to be on your ‘so-stressful-to-deal-with’ list.

    Keep up the great work!

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